To make a payment on your student account, you may do so online at the link above or by mailing a check to the address below. Please note that payments made through the online payment link will be applied to the student account to offset any balance due or to create a credit toward any future student account charges.

Online payments will be posted to the student’s account on the next business day following the payment transaction. Please be aware of this if you are trying to adhere to a payment deadline. There is a service fee to use the online payment option. The fee is a percentage of the payment amount based on the payment method chosen and will be calculated prior to your payment submission. In order to process an online payment you will need to know the last four digits of the student’s SSN and the student’s System ID.

Huntingdon College will accept non-credit-card payments in the office and through the United States Postal Service. Should you choose to mail or deliver a payment, please make the check payable to Huntingdon College, ensure the student’s “System ID” is on the payment (see above for instructions on obtaining the System ID) and mail to:

Office of Student Financial Services
Huntingdon College
1500 East Fairview Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36106

Should you wish to make any Meal Plan, I.D. Card, or a Book Voucher purchases, you may do so through the Miscellaneous Purchases link above.

If you have questions or need assistance with student account payments or adjustments, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (334) 833-4404 or

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