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Huntingdon College is a residential college designed to provide close proximity to academic activity, administrative support services, and community opportunities. The College’s buildings and facilities are available to students, faculty, community, and staff under certain conditions.

The purpose of the event planning procedure is to establish a working system for scheduling events sponsored either on or off campus by officially recognized student organizations. Failure of a student organization to adhere to these policies may result in the cancellation and/or limitation of the event.

  1. View the official College Calendar on the Huntingdon website and see what has already been scheduled/reserved and what is available on your desired event date(s). Please note, there will always be events in process and not on the calendar.
  2. Obtain an Event Request Form.
    1. The Event Request Form should indicate any special request(s) from campus services, including Housekeeping, Technology, Student Health, Security, Dining Services, Maintenance and/or use of a college-owned vehicle.
    2. Please be sure to list all set up requirements and event details on the event form. If you do not know all of this information when the event form is completed for submission to the Vice President for Auxiliary Services, you must notify the Vice President for Auxiliary Services as soon as the set up and other details pertinent to the event have been decided.
  3. Submit the completed Event Request Form to the Vice President for Auxiliary Services at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed event.
  4. The organization adviser will be notified via e-mail by the Vice President for Auxiliary Services. That adviser will in turn notify the contact person (e.g. student leader) An event is NOT officially approved until the confirmation e-mail is received by the contact person.

Important Event Planning Notes:

  • Changes to your Event Planning Form after submission must be cleared by the Vice President for Auxiliary Services.
  • For events held on and off campus, the College reserves the right to check IDs. For public events, all guests must be able to provide proper identification. Individuals who have been denied entry or re-entry will not be permitted to congregate outside of the event.
  • Campus Security, with consultation of the organization adviser and Dean of Students, shall have the authority to monitor and to terminate an event in the interest of personal safety and the protection of College property. It shall be the duty of those responsible for the event to cooperate with and assist Campus Security and/or other College officials if the event is terminated.
  • Any event involving the raising of funds or seeking donations by a student organization must receive prior approval from the VP for College and Alumni Relations. Fundraising Forms can be found in the Office of Student Life and Office of College and Alumni Relations.
  • Student organizations shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to any facility incurred during the event and repairing or replacing any equipment damaged during the event.
  • Notify the Office of Communication to get the word out about your event. Include the date, time, place, sponsoring organization, purpose of the event, who may attend, and any other details as Send information by e-mail, once the event is approved, to Su Ofe at ofe@hawks.eejt.net.
  • If food is served at events held at any Huntingdon College owned property, whether for an outside group or a college group, you are required to give Aramark first right of refusal to provide that food. If you are granted permission from Aramark to bring food in from an outside source, you must order that food from a reputable, licensed caterer or restaurant. It is not permissible to serve food at a Huntingdon College event, prepared in a home kitchen, including homes on College Court owned by Huntingdon College, and occupied by Huntingdon students. If you use Aramark at Huntingdon College to prepare and serve the food and drinks for your event, you are asked to contact Kedric Barnette (kbarnette@hawks.eejt.net) or Ms. Valerie Prewitt (vprewitt@hawks. eejt.net) directly for pricing and to coordinate your menu selections.

Off-Campus Event Policies

  • The organization’s adviser is responsible for the supervision of students participating in an off-campus event, activity or trip. Advisers are required to attend the entirety of any off-campus events, activities and trips and are encouraged to select a student coordinator, most often an officer of the organization to assist in the facilitation of the activity or event.
  • Students are asked to stay in groups of at least two people and make specific arrangements for meeting times.
  • If a student group is traveling off campus for an extended period of time (day trip or overnight), the adviser must provide the following information to the Office of Student Life:
    -The location, name, and address where groups will be throughout the trip.
    -The phone number and name of a contact person at the site (non-Huntingdon; maybe the pastor at the church where you will be sleeping/staying or hotel).
    -The adviser and student group leader’s names and cell phone numbers.
    -A confirmation that the students were asked to take student IDs with them on the trip.
    -Each student MUST sign a liability waiver before traveling (which includes listing a name and cell phone number of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency).
    – Huntingdon college’s policy on alcohol consumption and distribution can be found here and applies to all Huntingdon sanctioned events, whether on or off of campus.

Flyer Policy

All student organizations are required to submit their flyers to the Office of Student Life (Director of Student Activities) prior to printing and posting on campus. If the flier indicates an event, the event must be officially approved by the Office of Event Planning before the flier will be approved by the Office of Student Life. It is suggested that fliers only be posted on the designated bulletin boards around campus (The Hut, DH Lobby, CSO Lounge, and the Coffee House). If necessary, fliers may only be posted elsewhere using blue painter’s tape.

T-Shirt Policy

All organizations and clubs are required to gain approval for t-shirt designs from the Office of Student Life (Director of Student Activities and Dean of Students) prior to ordering and printing, whether or not the College’s name or logo is referenced. T-shirt designs should not denigrate or compromise the integrity or humanity of others. Designs may not use copyrighted material without written permission. T-shirts may not advocate or relate in any way to the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

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